Espai Orígens aims to be a UAB campus

80 students from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has visited the prehistoric facilities at St Llorenç de Montgai

Els alumnes de la UAB, fent talla de sílex.

(11/16/2013) The Associació de Recerca i Difusió del Patrimoni Històric which manages the Espai Orígens wants to ensure that the facilities are integrated into future campus specialized in issues of prehistory of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The president of the organization and professor of prehistory at UAB, Rafael Mora, said the goal is “to formalize the work carried out by the laboratory in the area of the Centre of Studies of Prehistoric Archaeological Heritage” (CEPAP-UAB).

Eighty students in the first year of the degree in History from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have participated in several workshops this Saturday in the Archaeological Park of Sant Llorenç de Montgai also visited the prehistoric Neanderthal site of La Roca dels Bous, located in the core of the village. These activities are done periodically to bring experience to the theoretical contents studying in the classroom. “In class they explain with pictures, but that experience allows us to establish a direct contact with the context with which our ancestors lived,” said archaeologist of CEPAP, Suzanne Vega.

The event featured activities with which students have learned to make tools with flint and quartzite materials that Neanderthals used on a daily basis to cut skin, meat or vegetables, among others. They were also able to see over the different layers beneath the earth and the time that corresponds to each of them. These are two of the elements taken into account in archaeological research to identify how the way of life of prehistoric beings was. Finally, they visited the Neanderthal site of La Roca dels Bous that has been used to delve into the methodology of the excavations.

Espai Orígens located in the C-13 as its passes through Camarasa is the point from which are scheduled familiar public workshops on the Prehistoric Park of Sant Llorenç de Montgai. The centre is also the starting point for guided tours at La Roca dels Bous which are, for most of the trail, independently and with the help of an iPad device. In addition to these prehistoric facilities, the centre also offers the service of the guided tour to El Merengue and all kinds of tourist information about the area of ​​La Noguera and Montsec, plus conferences, exhibitions and sale of food products from local producers.